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Digital Programmer


Women in Data Engineering is an in-depth program developed by leading experts in the Big Data industry.


​The program starts with computer science fundamentals, such as Python Programming, Linux OS, and DB principles; covers the Hadoop ecosystem to provide an in-depth understanding of big data processing; and continues with hands-on project-based training needed to become a Data Engineer.  

Tuition cost: FREE 


Duration: 5 months


Module 1


  • Computer Science 

  • Python​​

  • DB

    • Database Theory​

    • SQL

  • Linux OS intro

  • OLTP vs OLAP

Module 2

Hadoop ecosystem:

  • Overview and history

  • Apache Kafka

  • Storing data in Hadoop, HDFS, Parquet format

  • MapReduce - Apache Spark (OLTP)

  • OLAP - Data Warehouse

  • Apache Airflow, setting up data pipelines

  • Azure HDInsight, Apache Ambari

Module 3

Cloud Services for big data processing:

  1. Azure

    • Event Hub (streaming)

    • Data Factory

    • Data Lake (lake house)

    • Databricks/Synapse (classic Spark)

    • SQL Datawarehouse

    • Power BI

  2. AWS​

  3. GCP

Module 4

Final project and internship:

  1. Collaborative work on a big final project

    • Splitting the task to sub-teams

    • Code reviews

    • Working with git repo

  2. Finalizing Portfolio 

  3. Internship preparation




  1. Eligible status to study in US.

  2. You should be at least 21 y.o.

  3. You are ready to study full-time.

  4. You are fully committed to finishing our program.


Completion requirements:


  1. Minimum of 70% attendance grade 

  2. Minimum of 70/100 coursework grade   

  3. Final project completion​


Application steps: 

  1. Fill in your contact information in the application form below 

  2. You will receive a test task to complete via provided email

  3. You will have 1 week to complete the test task 

  4. Upon successful completion of the test task,  you will be invited for an in-person interview

  5. After the interview, you will receive the enrollment decision within 24 hours


Please fill in your information

to register for the program 

Thanks for submitting!

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