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Stand with Ukraine


It has been a year since Russia began its unprovoked full-scale war against Ukraine.

CODING FOR ALL has a deep, personal connection to Ukraine, and some of our team members call Ukraine home. We’re heartbroken over the suffering caused by the ongoing attacks. The impact on children leaves us especially concerned and deeply disturbed. 


One of the initiatives that we started in response is the Stand With Ukraine Summer Program. 

Our goal is simple: in partnership with STEP Computer Academy, an international educational network, we are committed to bringing 7 cohorts of affected Ukrainian children for a summer camp in Seattle, with a focus on coding classes and field trips to the big tech companies.

Ukrainian children keep up with school as the war continues. Photos by UNICEF, AP News, ZMINA.


Over 12 days, the children will participate in a rich program that includes daily coding lessons, outdoor activities,  psychological and pedagogical help, and unique field trips to the top-tier tech companies of Seattle. 

We strongly believe our program will have a great positive impact on the psychological and physical well-being of the children, it will boost their learning curiosity and motivate for great study achievements. Under the circumstances of the war, where education becomes a lower priority for the parents, such a program is essential to the learning process and development of the children.

IT Summer Camp in Seattle, 2018. Photos by STEP Computer Academy.


Project status: 

📌 Fundraising and collecting donations - in progress

📌 Student selection and enrollment  - in progress  

✅ Travel logistics - done 

We've planned out the logistical details to bring the children from Ukraine to the US safely. 

✅ Program preparation - done 

We've developed a detailed 12-day summer camp program covering the full scope of needs of the children coming from the warzone. The program includes a tech educational program, psychological monitoring, indoor and outdoor activities, field trips, and entertainment.    


✅ Establishing partnerships  - done

We are partnering with STEP Computer Academy, an international school with headquarters in Ukraine and a branch in Seattle, WA, who are providing a magnitude of resources in both countries to make the program happen. 

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